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What makes a country?

What make a country are the thousands of things we look at, smell, see, hear, notice, buy, read, eat, touch, feel… It is also, of course, its people and their customs and traditions. It’s the company in which you discover it and it’s your mood and the weather and…and….and…

But what really makes a country, for each of us as individuals, is how we choose to look at it, how we decide to experience it. For this reason, one country is as many countries as its number of inhabitants and visitors.

Here is my Japan.

My main companion was Jo, or rather, the other me. She was the perfect travel buddy, no hassle, easy with everything, think the same and don’t worry about stuff. The only question is "which one of us is Beavis, and which is Butthead?"
hahahahahahahahahahaha (Please read this in a very stupid, giggly way).
Our second fellow traveller was Yoshinori Inu, aka Yakinori Sushi, our dog. He was given to us in a bar in Kyoto. We were told to choose a poodle out of 5 for having spent more than 3000 yen. I admit that my “I can’t believe it, the bitch took our poodle!” was a slight overreaction when a Japanese girl also had to choose a poodle. Still, things happen for a reason and we were given the same shape and colour poodle, but one with more attitude ;) We lost him at a temple in Nara and chose to believe that he would have a better life there (mainly because there was no way we were going up that hill again to find him!).
My other accomplices during the trip were my Japanese phrase book, my camera, my pen and notebook, my iPod and my ninja key ring, complete with dagger, knife and shuriken.


SMELL – Aromas in my Japan

Throughout the trip, I encountered many, many situations that made my nostrils shiver, some with pleasure, others with disgust, but always, the experience was new.
While walking in the forest in Kamakura, it had just been raining and as Jo and I got lost looking for the Daibutsu (Great Buddha in Japanese) in the mountain, each time I inhaled, I could feel the trees, the earth, the flowers all at once. You all know that fresh, earthy, replenishing smell.
We visited a village called Uji where they grow tea leaves. In one of the streets, all the tea shops have tea brewing and tea on display. The fragrances all mix and you end up with something very strong which I wasn’t too sure about…

Sakura – WOW, if it were wine, you would say it has the most satisfying bouquet. The cherry blossoms take you by surprise, everywhere you go. You could be in town and suddenly, you stop and take a deeeeeeep breath, again and again as the side of your lips start to lift up, to form the biggest smile :D

Pollution can be quite bad in Tokyo. I think that my living in Manila has disabled my fumes smelling ability, but still, I could smell it at times, and it just wasn’t pleasant.

Food of course brings you the most amazing sensations. Walking down backstreets and suddenly coming across a kitchen can awake your appetite or kill it in a couple of seconds!

TOUCH – Feeling my Japan

I came in contact with plenty of interesting textures. The deer in Nara resembled Bambi in no way at all, but they were friendly enough, especially if you had food… Their hair was quite rough, a bit like a dirty dog really…

The thing I enjoyed touching most was definitely the moss. We spent quite a lot of time in various hills and mountains and forests and everywhere, the green of the moss gives an impression of softness that you want to feel for ever. It’s not soft like the silk of the kimonos you can feel in shops, it’s more of a raw, natural sensation, but it fools you into thinking that one day, we could start to respect nature again, if only everyone could feel the moss in the Japanese hills, just once!

An odd sensation was poking some of the food in supermarkets. There’s a lot of squishy, soggy, squashy stuff going on and errrr, I don’t think I wanna try half of it! Another natural thing to touch is wood. The wood in temples feels special. The trees feel alive when you put your hand on them.

TASTE – Eating my Japan

We were very good at trying everything that was brought to us. From the very cheap noodle houses to Nobu, we really experienced taste in many “interesting” ways. The first dish that has to be mentioned is worms. We had dry tiny little worms, that you mix with rice to give it some flavour. Yummy. But we also had worms, the kind you would use to go fishing and they were quite revolting. They reminded me of seafood that has been trying to get back in the sea and never quite made it. We looked at each other and decided they were a no go. That’s the only thing we didn’t eat.
We had sushi, of course! (Quote – this is a Canadian girl asking the front desk of the hotel in Kyoto: “excuse me, is there a sushi restaurant around here?” yes dear, about 10 million) and sushi was very nice! We had all sorts really but the highlight was definitely POCKY (before we discovered FRAN). If you go to Japan, try them.
I really did enjoy the food in Japan, but we ended up quite desperate to find a restaurant that would serve us vegetables. That’s when we stopped eating Japanese food only and started to go to some western style places too. We like vegetables.

HEARING – Sounds of my Japan

Oh there are many amusing sounds in Japan! How strange to be somewhere people talk AT you and you just don’t have a clue what they say. It’s never happened quite this badly to me before. But the great thing is that you can actually make up what they say! The screeching voices of all sales assistants as you enter shops “hajimemashte” and as you leave “arigato gozaimaaaaaas” start off being quite annoying and then they become quite funny and then no, they are just annoying!

A great sounds experience was walking up the river in Uji where the leaves on the floor, the river with its strong current, the birds all spoke at the same time.

Sometimes, noise can really be overbearing. In Shibuya’s shopping Tower 109, voices come from every direction, music is blaring out of all the shops and the hustle and bustle of the place can make you feel trapped in this noise hole, and even your beloved iPod cannot save you!
That’s when you need to think back to the incredible silence in some of the temples and the soothing water running in the forests. There was a noise that surprised both me and Jo, when we were walking around in Nara park (where we lost Yoshinori Inu), and there was complete silence, apart from us having a very deep conversation about Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan and other incredibly sexy men, we heard ruffle in the bush, and there it was, a deer, running. That was a really nice sound.
How nice it also was to listen to a trio of young (teenagers?) girls singing Japanese hip hop on an open mike night in a very small bar in Shibuya. We came across it by chance and it was the friendliest place, where all the audience (10 people?) were really welcoming and played along, singing with the girls. Great stuff.

SIGHT – Looking at, seeing and watching my Japan

Japan was just full of eye pleasantness. We saw quite a few cities, and saw them from various angles. Every time you see something different, each time you look up, you notice something new on the advertising “walls”, everything is just lit up and in your face. Then, you could get lost in the small street of the Asakusa district in Tokyo and discover lots of small streets, with beautiful little sliding doors and plants outside every house. Of course, you are a gaijin, totally unaware that most of these are probably "entertainment houses" with yakuza planning something dodgy!  
Gion in Kyoto was another strange neighbourhood, where we even managed to see geishas. Not a pretty sight, which caused quite a strong reaction from the other me (or am I the other Jo?).
The hills are just an extraordinary mixture of colours and textures for the eye. The pink, red and white sakura all blend, along with the green of the trees which have already lost their blossoms and the brown of those in the process of renewing their leaves.
People-watching is just the best in Japan. The colours, the fashion, the hairstyles, the diversity of suits and glasses are just a treat. You observe such an array of cultures, all in one nationality. Tradition meets modernity, punk meets hippy, 80s meet 50s and rockers rock!
Watching the river in Uji was quite strange. The patterns the water made, with the current was very much like the patterns you see in Hokusai’s paintings.


Here are a few of the feelings.
The Ryokan in Nara – We stayed in a traditional Japanese inn in Nara, but we weren’t very lucky… It was very cold and not very clean but the old man (whose wife had died) was running it by himself and he was such a sweet little man. We both found it very funny that every time we had to communicate, I had to look up every single word in my phrase book! But he was great!
We felt we had had the ultimate Japanese experience when we spent some time in a games arcade. I even got blisters from the drums game! And I beat 2 Croatian blokes at some punching game! Hehe! Dom San! Now I understand why the Japanese can spend so much time playing in them. We spent about half an hour there, but could easily have stayed all night. The fun, the fun!
The feeling of being free on a bicycle in Nara and in Kyoto, now, that is just a sensation that can never be beaten, anywhere in the world. Viva la bici!
The strongest emotion I felt must have been when we went to Kennon’s temple in Tokyo. I had never seen anything like it. As we got there, I was thinking about my mum, very very much. When I looked up at the centre of the temple, my heart just sank and then started beating super fast, I couldn’t move for a while. No church has ever made me feel that. (I don’t think a church has ever made me feel anything actually, I was raised as an atheist…). I don’t think I could explain the feeling I got from this, and make you understand it and so I won’t carry on.
One day, in Tokyo, we decided to go and see the Museum of Contemporary Art, but when we got there, it was closed (we did see it in the end and it was well worth it, the Fondation Cartier pour les Arts collection was there). So as it was a cold, rainy day, we thought we would get the bus back to the metro station. Once on the bus, we thought we would stay on it, as it was a lot more pleasant than the metro. We soon understood why that chain of events happened. We both looked out the window and after seeing a couple of temples, in an area that seemed to be tourist free, we got off the bus.
We walked around and found a temple. We went in, looked at temple stuff, statues and gods (Shinto meets Buddhism) and just as we were leaving, we agreed that it would be nice to sit there for a while so both of us could get lost in our own thoughts. So we did. About 5 minutes later, the monks appeared, we had arrived just at prayer time. So we stayed, and watched, and took in the sounds of the prayer. We couldn’t understand any of it, but the drums and the arm movements that accompanied each beat was a story in itself. The whole ceremony lasted about 45 minutes but felt like 5. It was as if we had the privilege of watching something new, something we know goes on, but never have the opportunity to witness or feel. It was an overwhelming mixture of heartbeats and smiles as well as thoughts.


We also came across some great people on our trip. How about the old lady in the restaurant? We were sitting there, the attraction of the whole place, two foreigners who couldn’t understand a word of the menu or of what the waitress was saying to them in a small, traditional place… An elderly lady came in, looked at us, and quite unexpectedly gave us an incredibly broad smile. She went and sat in the corner behind us, but she kept looking at us. Curiosity was too strong, she couldn’t resist anymore and she came to chat to us. She spoke a little French, but no English. It turned out she was quite a famous artist who has painted a lot of views of different nature scenes from various parts of Japan. She gave us a postcard of her artwork and signed it for us, WOW!
We also had our very own admirer! In Kyoto, we were told to go to a bar called the CAAM bar, a very cool and funky little place, but unfortunately, quite empty. We went there 3 o 4 times, each time, chatting with the cute owner who by the last night was saying to us “I see you every day, I’m a lucky man!”. But best quote has to be, as we were saying good bye for the last time “I look forward to your next coming”!!!! Errrr, yeah, me too!
Other people we found on the way:

  • 2 really sweet Japanese girls in the bar we got the dog from. After we went back and gave them a picture of the dog having a beer with us and one of him looking out towards the horizon, they gave us free beer!
  • 2 extremely helpful people on the same day, one in the museum of Contemporary Art and one in HMV, without them, our day would just not have been the same. 

OK, I’ll stop soon!
There are myriads of anecdotes, people, stories and emotions I haven’t described here, but I’m sure that as I see each of you, I will tell them, I might even act them!

But really, Jo and I commented on how everywhere we go, we try to relate places and things to those places and things we are familiar with. On the one hand, to stop doing that helps you be more objective, if you don’t compare things, you tend to judge them less and you just appreciate them for what they are. On the other hand, seeing a personality trait in a foreign person, or a city attribute that resembles something you know enhances your ability to look at yourself, your culture and your own people. It means you can take that step back.
I feel like every time I go somewhere new, it’s a piece of my own jigsaw I’ve found.
Well done if you’ve read all of this!!!

Qu’est-ce qui fait un pays?

Ce qui fait un pays ce sont les milliers de choses que nous regardons, voyons, sentons, remarquons, achetons, lisons, mangeons, touchons… C’est aussi, bien sur, ses gens et leurs coutumes et traditions. C’est la compagnie en laquelle vous le découvrez et c’est votre humeur et le temps et… et… et…

Mais ce qui fait vraiment un pays, pour chacun d’entre nous en tant qu’individus, c’est la façon dont on l’observe, celle dont on décide d’en faire l’expérience. Et pour cette raison, un pays est autant de pays que son nombre d’habitants ou de visiteurs.

Voici mon Japon.

Ma compagne principale, c’était Jo. La parfaite compagne de voyage, pas de souci, d’accord pour tout, on pensait pareil et donc, pas besoin de se prendre la tête. La seule question reste… qui est Beavis et qui est Butthead ?!
hahahahahahahahahahaha (A lire avec une voix très très stupide).
Notre second ami voyageur était Yoshinuri Inu, aussi connu sous le nom de Yakinori Sushi, notre chien. On nous l’a donné dans un bar à Kyoto. On nous a dit de choisir un caniche parce qu’on avait dépensé plus de 3000 yen. J’admets que ma réaction quand j’ai crié « La connasse a pris notre caniche ! » était un peu exagérée lorsque qu’une fille japonaise choisissait un caniche. Enfin, tout se passe pour une raison car on nous a donné un caniche des mêmes couleur et forme, mais qui avait plus de style ! On a fini  par le perdre dans un temple à Nara et nous avons décidé qu’il aurait une bien meilleure vie là-bas (surtout parce qu’il aurait fallu remonter la pente pour aller le chercher…)
Mes autres complices pour le voyage étaient mon livre de poche de phrases en japonais, mon appareil photo, mon stylo et carnet, mon iPod, mon porte-clés ninja, complet avec son épée, couteau et shuriken.


ODORAT – Les arômes de mon Japon

Pendant tout le voyage, je me suis retrouvée dans beaucoup de situations qui ont fait vibrer mes narines, quelques une de plaisir, d’autre de dégout, mais à chaque fois, l’expérience était nouvelle.

Alors qu’on marchait dans la forêt de Kamakura, il avait plu et pendant que Jo et moi nous sommes perdues en cherchant le Daibutsu (le grand Buddha en japonais) dans la montagne, à chaque inspiration, je sentais les arbres, la terre, les fleurs, tout en même temps. On connaît tous cette odeur fraiche de la terre, si vivifiante.

Nous avons visité un village qui s’appelle Uji où ils font pousser du thé. Dans une des rues, tous les magasins de thé en font bouillir et on des thés en étalage. Les fragrances se mélangent toutes et au final, on a quelque chose de très fort dont je n’étais pas très sure…

Sakura – Waouh ! Si c’était du vin, on dirait que ces arbres ont le bouquet le plus satisfaisant. Les fleurs de cerisiers vous prennent par surprise, partout ! On peut être en ville et soudain, on s’arrête et on inspire profondément, encore et encore alors que les côtés de vos lèvres commencent à monter, pour former le plus grand sourire.

La pollution est aussi assez mauvaise à Tokyo. Je crois qu’habiter à Manille m’a rendue insensible aux odeurs de gaz d’échappement, mais quand même, je les sentais parfois, pas très agréable.

La nourriture bien sur donne les sensations les plus incroyables. Marcher dans les petites rues et se trouver nez à nez avec une cuisine peut ouvrir ou tuer l’appétit en 2 secondes ! 

TOUCHER – sentir mon Japon

 J’ai été en contact avec beaucoup de textures intéressantes. Les cerfs à Nara ne ressemblait d’aucune manière à Bambi mais ils étaient sympas, surtout si on avait de la nourriture ! Leur poil était plutôt rêche, un peu comme un chien sale en fait…

La chose que j'ai eu le plus de plaisir à toucher était certainement le lychen. Nous avons passé énormément de temps dans diverses collines, montagnes et forêts et partout, le vert de la mousse donne une impression de douceur que vous voulez caresser pour toujours. Elle n'est pas douce comme la soie des kimonos que vous pouvez sentir dans les magasins, c’est plus une sensation crue et naturelle, mais elle vous dupe et vous fait penser que pendant un jour, nous pourrions commencer à respecter la nature à nouveau, si seulement tout le monde pouvait sentir la mousse dans les collines japonaises, juste une fois !

Une sensation bizarre me poussait à toucher et presser la nourriture dans les supermarchés. Il y a beaucoup de substances visqueuses, détrempées, molles et humides et eeemmmmm, je ne pense pas vouloir en essayer la moitié! Une autre chose naturelle à toucher est le bois. Le bois dans les temples est spécial. Les arbres se font  vivants quand vous mettez votre main sur eux.

GOÛT – Manger mon Japon

Nous étions prêtes à essayer tout ce qui nous était apporté. Des restaurants de nouilles à Nobu, nous avons vraiment éprouvé le goût de beaucoup de manières « intéressantes ». Le premier plat qui doit être mentionné est les vers. On nous a donné de petits vers secs minuscules, que vous vous mélangez à du riz pour lui donner une certaine saveur. Délicieux. Mais nous avons également eu des vers, la sorte qui d'habitude est utilisée pour la pêche et c’était complètement dégoutant. Ils me rappelé des fruits de mer qui ont essayé de revenir en mer et n’y sont jamais vraiment parvenus ! On s’est regardé et on a décidé que NON ! C'est la seule chose que nous n'avons pas mangée.
Nous avons mangé des sushis, naturellement ! (Citation - c'est une fille canadienne qui demande à la réception de l'hôtel à Kyoto : « Excusez-moi, il y a un restaurant de sushi près d'ici ? » oui chérie, environ 10 millions) et les sushis étaient très bons ! Nous avons mangé toutes sortes de choses vraiment mais le point culminant était certainement les POCKY (avant que de découvrir FRAN). Si vous allez au Japon, essayez-les.

J’ai vraiment apprécié la nourriture au Japon, mais nous avons fini complètement désespérées de trouver un restaurant qui nous servirait des légumes. C'est à ce moment que nous avons arrêté de manger de la nourriture japonaise seulement et avons commencé à aller à quelques endroits occidentaux aussi. Nous aimons des légumes.

OUIE  - bruits de mon Japon

Oh il y a beaucoup de bruits amusants au Japon ! Qu’il est étrange d’être quelque part où les gens vous parlent et vous n’avez même pas un indice pour comprendre ce qu'ils disent. Ça ne m’était jamais vraiment arrivé auparavant. Mais ce qui est génial, c’est qu’on peut inventer ce qu'ils disent ! Les voix perçantes de tous les vendeurs qui crient « hajimemashte » quand vous entrez dans les magasins et « gozaimaaaaaas d'arigato » quand vous partez… Ça commence vite à être vraiment énervant et puis ça devient assez drôles et puis non, c’est simplement énervant !

Une grande expérience de bruit était de longer la rivière dans Uji où les feuilles par terre, la rivière avec son courant fort et tous les oiseaux parlaient tous en même temps.

Parfois, le bruit peut vraiment être trop présent. Dans la tour de shopping 109 de Shibuya, le fait que les voix viennent de chaque direction, la musique sort de tous les magasins et tout le mouvement peut vous donner la sensation d’être emprisonné dans ce trou à bruit, et même votre cher iPod ne peut pas vous sauver !

C'est alors qu’il faut penser de nouveau au silence incroyable dans les temples et à l'eau calmante qui coule dans les forêts.

Il y a un bruit qui nous a étonnées toutes les deux, Jo et moi, quand nous marchions dans le parc de Nara (où nous avons perdu Yoshinori Inu). Il y avait un silence complet, à part pour notre conversation très profonde au sujet de Brad Pitt, de Pierce Brosnan et d'autres hommes incroyablement sexys, quand nous avons entendu un bruit dans un buisson, et il était là, un cerf, qui courrait. C'était un bruit vraiment agréable.

C’était également super d'écouter un trio de jeunes (adolescentes ?) filles qui chantaient du hip hop japonais un soir dans un tout petit bar dans Shibuya. Nous l'avons trouvé par hasard et c'était l'endroit le plus sympa, où tout le monde (10 personnes ?) était vraiment accueillant et jouait le jeu en chantant avec les filles. Grande soirée.

VUE - regarder, voir et observer mon Japon

Le Japon était simplement plein de sucreries pour les yeux ! Nous avons vu quelques villes, et les avons vues de perspectives diverses. Chaque fois, vous voyez quelque chose de différent, chaque fois que vous regardez en l’air, vous remarquez qu’il y a  quelque chose de nouveau sur le « mur » de publicité. Tout est allumé et très « dans ta face ! ».

Puis, vous pourriez vous perdre dans la zone piétonne d'Asakusa à Tokyo et découvrir plein de petites rues, avec de belles petites portes coulissantes et des plantes à l’extérieur de chaque maison. Naturellement, vous êtes un gaijin, totalement ignorant que la plupart de ces maisons sont « des maisons de passe» avec les yakuza qui préparent un mauvais coup ! 

Gion à Kyoto est un autre voisinage étrange, où nous avons réussit à voir des geishas. Pas une jolie vue, qui a causé une réaction plutôt forte de mon amie Jo.

Les collines sont juste un mélange extraordinaire de couleurs et de textures pour l'œil. Tout le rose, rouge et blanc des sakuras se mélangent, avec le vert des arbres qui ont déjà perdu leurs fleurs et le brun de ceux qui sont en train de remplacer leurs feuilles.

Regarder passer les gens, c’est vraiment excellent au Japon. Les couleurs, la mode, les coiffures, la diversité des costumes et les lunettes sont juste un festin pour les yeux. On y voit un tel choix de cultures, tout dans une seule nationalité. La tradition rencontre la modernité, le punk rencontre la hippie, les années 80 se joignent aux années 50s et les rockeurs rockent !

Regarder la rivière à Uji était vraiment étrange. Les tours que l'eau fait, avec le courant ressemblaient fortement aux motifs que l’on voit dans les peintures de Hokusai.



Voici quelques unes des sensations que j’ai ressenties au Japon.

Le Ryokan à Nara - nous sommes restées dans une auberge japonaise traditionnelle à Nara, mais nous n’avons pas été très chanceuses… Il faisait très froid et c’était pas très propre mais le vieil homme (dont l'épouse était morte) qui s’en occupait tout seul était très mignon. Lui aussi trouvait très drôle que chaque fois que nous devions communiquer, je devais chercher chaque mot dans mon livre d'expressions ! Mais c’était génial !
Mais notre vraie expérience japonaise, c’est quand nous avons passé quelques heures dans une arcade de jeux. J'ai même eu des ampoules à cause du jeu de tambours ! Et j'ai battu 2 croates à un jeu de coups de poing ! Hehe ! Dom San ! Maintenant je comprends pourquoi les Japonais y passent tellement de temps. Nous avons passé environ une demi-heure là-bas, mais on  pourrait facilement y être restées toute la nuit. Le fun, le fun !
Le sentiment d'être libre sur un vélo à Nara et à Kyoto, voilà une sensation qui ne pourra jamais être remplacée, n'importe où dans le monde. Viva la bici !
L'émotion la plus forte que j’ai sentie était, je pense, quand nous sommes allées au temple de Kennon à Tokyo. Je n'avais jamais rien vu de comparable. Quand on y est arrivé, je pensais à ma mère, très fort. Quand j'ai regardé vers le haut au centre du temple, mon coeur s’est arrêté et puis a commencé à battre très rapidement, je ne pouvais pas bouger pendant un moment. Aucune église ne m'a jamais fait cette sensation. (Je ne pense pas qu'une église m'ait jamais réellement fait la sensation de quelque chose, j'ai été élevée en tant qu'athée…). Je ne pense pas que je pourrais expliquer le sentiment que j'ai ressenti ce jour là, et vous le faire comprendre alors, je m’arrête!
Un jour, à Tokyo, nous avons décidé d'aller voir le musée d’art contemporain, mais quand nous y sommes arrivées, il était fermé (nous avons fini par le voir et ça valait le coup, la Fondation Cartier y était). C'était un jour froid et pluvieux, nous avons décidé de prendre l'autobus pour aller à la station de métro. Une fois dans le bus, nous avons décidé d’yrester, simplement car c’était beaucoup plus plaisant que le métro. Nous avons vite compris pourquoi cette série d'événements s'est produite. Nous avons regardé par la fenêtre et après avoir vu deux ou trois temples, dans un secteur qui ne semblait pas être vraiment touristique, nous sommes descendues du bus.
Nous avons marché et avons trouvé un temple. Nous sommes entrées, avons regardé des trucs de temple, des statues et des dieux (Shinto rencontre le bouddhisme) et juste comme nous partions, nous nous sommes mises d’accord qu'il serait sympa de nous reposer là pendant un moment et toutes les deux nous pourrions nous perdre dans nos propres pensées. Alors nous l’avons fait. Environ 5 minutes plus tard, les moines sont apparus, nous étions arrivées juste au moment de la prière. Ainsi nous sommes restées, et avons observé, et avons apprécié les bruits de la prière. Nous ne pouvions comprendre aucune des paroles, mais les tambours et les mouvements de bras qui accompagnaient chaque battement étaient une histoire en eux-mêmes. La cérémonie entière a duré environ 45 minutes mais est passée comme 5. C’était comme si nous avions eu le privilège d'observer quelque chose de nouveau, quelque chose que nous savons se passe, mais dont on a jamais l'occasion d'être témoin ou de sentir. C'était surtout un mélange de battements de cœur de sourires mais aussi de pensées.

Les gens

Nous avons également trouvé quelques personnes formidables pendant notre voyage. Que diriez-vous de de la vieille dame dans le restaurant ?
Nous nous asseyons là, bien sûr l'attraction de tout le resto, deux étrangères de qui ne comprennent pas un mot du menu ou de ce que leur dit la serveuse dans un petit endroit traditionnel … Une vieille dame entre, nous  regarde, et nous tout à coup nous fait un sourire incroyablement large. Elle est entrée et s'est assise dans le coin derrière nous, mais elle a continué à nous regarder. La curiosité était trop forte, elle ne pouvait plus résister et elle est venue nous parler. Elle parlait français, mais aucun anglais. Elle s'est avérée être une artiste célèbre qui a peint beaucoup de vues de différentes scènes de nature de diverses régions du Japon. Elle nous a donné une carte postale d’une de ses œuvres et l'a signée pour nous, WAOU !!
Nous avons également eu notre admirateur ! À Kyoto, on nous a dit d’aller à un bar qui s’appelle CAAM bar, un petit un endroit très frais et génial, mais malheureusement, complètement vide. Nous y sommes allées 3 ou 4 fois, chaque fois, pour parler avec le propriétaire sympa qui, la dernière nuit nous a dit «Je vous vois tous les jours, je suis un homme chanceux ! ».
D'autres personnes que nous avons trouvées sur le chemin :

  • 2 filles japonaises vraiment mignonnes dans le bar où nous avons eu le chien. Après que nous y soyons retournées et leur ayons donné une image du chien buvant une bière avec nous et une de lui qui regardait vers l'horizon, elles nous ont donné une bière gratuite !
  • 2 personnes extrêmement serviables le même jour, une dans le musée d’art contemporain et une dans HMV (magasin de musique), sans eux, notre journée n'aurait pas été la même.  

OK, je m'arrête bientôt !
Il y a des myriades d'anecdotes, de personnes, d'histoires et d'émotions que je n'ai pas décrites ici, mais je suis sure que quand que je vous verrai, je les dirai, je pourrai même les jouer!

Mais vraiment, Jo et moi avons discuté du fait que partout où nous allons, nous essayons de comparer les endroits et les choses à ces endroits et ces choses avec lesquelles nous sommes familiarisés. D'une part, arrêter de faire ça vous aide à être plus objectif, si on ne compare pas, on a moins   tendance à juger et on peut mieux les apprécier à leur juste valeur. D’autre part, voir un trait de personnalité chez une personne étrangère, ou un attribut d’une ville qui ressemble à quelque chose que l’on connait augmente notre capacité à nous examiner nous-mêmes, notre culture et notre propre nationalité. Ça veut dire qu’on peut prendre du recul.
J’ai l’impression que chaque fois que je vais quelque part de nouveau, c’est un morceau de mon propre puzzle que je trouve.

Bravo si vous avez tout lu !  

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route|on the way} {at|from|with|in} {specialty|niche|specialized|specialised} {restaurant|cafe|bistro|eating place} {nearby the|at the} pyramids {with|along with|together with|using} {free time|spare time|leisure time|sparetime} {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to} {shopping|buying|purchasing|searching}. {For those who|For individuals who|For many who|In #file_links[C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\D4\key.txt,1,N] case you} {did not|didn't|failed to|would not} {get to|reach|arrive at|be able to} {go|proceed|move|get} {the option|the choice|the possibility|an opportunity} {will be given|will be presented|will be provided|will be presented with} {tonight|this evening|today|tonite} {to relax|to unwind|to wind down|to chill} {or|or even|or perhaps|as well as} {join us|come along} {for another|for an additional|for the next|for one more} {optional|optionally available|elective|recommended} {evening|night|night time|nighttime} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} {out of this|using this|from this|because of this} {world|globe|planet|entire world} {entertainment|amusement|enjoyment|leisure} {as we|once we|even as|even as we} {go to the|visit the|navigate to the|see a} Pyramids {for the|for that|for your|to the} {incredible|amazing|extraordinary|outstanding} {Sound|Seem|Appear|Audio} {and Light|and lightweight|and light-weight|and} {Spectacular|Magnificent|Breathtaking|Stunning} ({optional|optionally available|elective|recommended}) {Return back|Go back|Turn back|Get back} {to your|for your|in your|on your} {hotel|resort|motel|lodge} {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to} {relaxation|rest|leisure|peace}, {free time|spare time|leisure time|sparetime} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {overnight|immediately|right away|instantaneously} {stay|remain|keep|continue to be}.Day #3: Cairo {Sightseeing|Taking in the sights|Sightseeing and tour|Sightseeing and tours} {Tours|Excursions|Trips|Travels} {/|Or|And|Per} AswanAfter {breakfast|breakfast every day|breakfast time|morning meal} {at your|at the|your|for your} {hotel|resort|motel|lodge} {you will be|you'll be|you will end up|you may be} {taken|used|obtained|consumed} {for a|for any|to get a|for the} {guided tour|tour} {to the|towards the|for the|on the} {Egyptian|Silk|Egypt|Cotton} {Museum|Art gallery|Memorial|Public} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} antiquates {that was|which was|that has been|that's} {built in|built-in|integrated|internal} {the|the actual|the particular|your} neo-classical {style|design|type|fashion} {by the|through the|from the|with the} {French|France|People from france|This particular language} {architect|builder|designer|creator} Marcel Dourgenon {the|the actual|the particular|your} {museum|art gallery|memorial|public} {housing|real estate|property|homes} {over|more than|above|around} {120|A hundred and twenty|One hundred twenty|One-hundred-twenty},{000|Thousand|500|1000} {objects|items|things|physical objects} {from|through|coming from|via} {different|various|diverse|distinct} Pharaonic {eras|times|centuries} {especially those|particularly those|specially those|in particular those} {of the|from the|with the|in the} {child|kid|youngster|little one} {king|full|california king|master} Tutankhamen. {Proceed to|Go to|Go on to|Check out} {the|the actual|the particular|your} citadel {of|associated with|regarding|involving} Saladin {and|as well as|and also|along with} Mohammed Ali's Alabaster Mosque .{Lunch|Lunch time|Lunchtime|Lunch break} {en route|on the way} {at|from|with|in} {good quality|top quality|high quality|quality} {restaurant|cafe|bistro|eating place} {in|within|inside|throughout} Cairo {downtown|down-town|the downtown area|in town} .{Then|After that|Next|And then} {drive|generate|push|travel} {to the|towards the|for the|on the} {Old|Aged|Outdated|Previous} Cairo {to visit|to go to|to see|to check out} {the old|that old|the existing|the previous} Coptic {churches|places of worship|church buildings|chapels} {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the} {fortress|castle|fort|citadel} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} Babylon {where the|in which the|the location where the|the place that the} {holy|sacred|almost holy|revered} {family|loved ones|family members|household} {took|required|got|had taken} {a|the|any|a new} {refuge|sanctuary|retreat|haven}. {Leaves|Simply leaves|Results in|Foliage} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {Church|Chapel|Cathedral|Religious organization} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} {St|Street|Saint|E} Barbara {and|as well as|and also|along with} {St|Street|Saint|E}. George's {church|chapel|cathedral|religious organization} {to the|towards the|for the|on the} Islamic Cairo {and|as well as|and also|along with} Khan El Khalili bazaars {and|as well as|and also|along with} {Old|Aged|Outdated|Previous} {Market|Marketplace|Industry|Market place} {with|along with|together with|using} {free time|spare time|leisure time|sparetime} {to walk|just to walk|simply to walk|to steer} {around|about|close to|all around} {and discover|and find out|and see|and learn} {the amazing|the astonishing|the spectacular|the astounding} {area|region|location|place} {in your|inside your|within your|with your} {way|method|approach|means} {with|along with|together with|using} {transfer|move|exchange|shift} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} Cairo {airport|airport terminal|international airport|air port} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} {fly|travel|soar|take flight} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} Aswan, {where you|in which you|in places you|that you} {will be|is going to be|will probably be|will likely be} {met|fulfilled|satisfied|achieved} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {assisted|aided|helped|served} {by a|with a|by way of a|by the} {representative|consultant|agent|rep} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {transferred to|used in|moved to|utilized in} {your|your own|the|your current} {hotel|resort|motel|lodge} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan {for free|free of charge|at no cost|totally free} {welcome|pleasant|encouraged|delightful} {drink|consume|beverage|ingest} {upon|on|after|about} {arrival|appearance|birth|introduction} {and check|and appearance|and look|and view} {with|along with|together with|using} {free time|spare time|leisure time|sparetime} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to} {overnight|immediately|right away|instantaneously} {stay|remain|keep|continue to be}.VDay {# 4|Number 4|Four|Number four}: Aswan {/|Or|And|Per} Abu Simbel {/|Or|And|Per} AswanEnjoy {a relaxing|a calming|a soothing|a restful} {breakfast|breakfast every day|breakfast time|morning meal} {at your|at the|your|for your} {hotel|resort|motel|lodge} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan. {Today|These days|Nowadays|Right now} {is your|is the|can be your|will be your} {day|day time|evening|morning} {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to} {leisure|leisure time|discretion|amusement} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan {with|along with|together with|using} {amazing|incredible|remarkable|wonderful} {optional|optionally available|elective|recommended} {excursion|trip|adventure|venture} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} Abu Simbel {temples|temples or wats|wats or temples|wats} {to discover the|to uncover the|to locate the|to find the} {magnificent|wonderful|spectacular|impressive} {monuments|ancient monuments|typical monuments} {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the} {majestic|regal|stunning|beautiful} {two|2|a couple of|a pair of} {temples|temples or wats|wats or temples|wats} {of the|from the|with the|in the} Abu Simbel {that were|which were|that have been|which are} {built|constructed|created|developed} {by|through|simply by|by simply} Egypts {great|excellent|fantastic|wonderful} Pharaoh Ramses {II|2|Two|The second} {one is|the first is|you are|an example may be} {of the|from the|with the|in the} {Great|Excellent|Fantastic|Wonderful} Pharaoh {himself|themself|themselves|herself} {and the|and also the|as well as the|along with the} {second|2nd|next|subsequent} {was|had been|has been|ended up being} {dedicated|devoted|committed|focused} {for|with regard to|regarding|pertaining to} {his|their|his / her|his or her} {favorite|preferred|favored|favourite} {wife|spouse|better half|partner} Nefertari {then|after that|next|and then} {return back|go back|turn back|get back} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} Aswan {with|along with|together with|using} {free time|spare time|leisure time|sparetime} {at|from|with|in} {leisure|leisure time|discretion|amusement} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {overnight|immediately|right away|instantaneously} {stay|remain|keep|continue to be}.Day {# 5|Five}: Aswan {Nile|Earth} {Cruise|Luxury cruise|Cruise trip|Vacation cruise} TourBreakfast {at your|at the|your|for your} {hotel|resort|motel|lodge} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan:. {Then you will be|You will then be|You will subsequently be} {transferred to|used in|moved to|utilized in} {embark|start|get started|begin} {your|your own|the|your current} {Nile|Earth} {River|Water|Lake|Pond} {Cruise ship|Cruiseship|Cruise liner|Luxury crusie ship} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan, {where|exactly where|in which|wherever} {we will|we'll|we are going to|we're going to} {enjoy the|benefit from the|take pleasure in the|take advantage of the} {next|subsequent|following|up coming} {4|Four|Several|Some} {days|times|nights|days and nights} {/|Or|And|Per} {3|Three|Several|Three or more} {nights|evenings|times|days} {deluxe|luxurious|elegant|custom} {Nile|Earth} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise} {holiday|vacation|getaway|trip} {between|in between|among|involving} Aswan {and|as well as|and also|along with} Luxor. {Afternoon|Mid-day|Morning|Day} {time|period|moment|occasion} {you will be|you'll be|you will end up|you may be} {accompanied by|combined with|associated with|together with} {your|your own|the|your current} Egyptologist {guide|manual|guidebook|information} {for an|to have an|with an|on an} {exciting|thrilling|fascinating|interesting} {tour|visit|excursion|trip} {to the world|around the world|around the globe|to everyone} {famous|well-known|renowned|popular} {High|Higher|Large|Substantial} Dam {that was|which was|that has been|that's} {an|a good|a great|the} {engineering|architectural|executive|design} {miracle|wonder|magic|miraculous} {when it|if this|in the event it|if it} {was|had been|has been|ended up being} {built in|built-in|integrated|internal} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {1960s|Sixties|60s|Nineteen sixties}. {It contains|It has|It includes|Its content has} {18|Eighteen|20|16} {times|occasions|instances|periods} {the material|the fabric|the information|the pad} {used in|utilized in|found in|employed in} {the Great|the truly amazing|the fantastic|the truly great} {Pyramid|Chart} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} Cheops; {continue to|still|always|carry on and} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {granite|granitic|marble|corian} quarries {which|that|which usually|which in turn} {supplied|provided|offered|furnished} {the ancient|the traditional|the original|the standard} {Egyptian|Silk|Egypt|Cotton} pharaohs {with most|with many|with a lot of|generally} {of the|from the|with the|in the} {hard|difficult|tough|challenging} {stone|rock|natural stone|gemstone} {used in|utilized in|found in|employed in} pyramids {and|as well as|and also|along with} {temples|temples or wats|wats or temples|wats}. {The|The actual|The particular|Your} quarries {still|nevertheless|nonetheless|even now} {hold the|contain the|support the|retain the} {famous|well-known|renowned|popular} {Unfinished|Incomplete|Not finished|Not whole} Obelisk {and then you|and you|and you then|then you} {will be|is going to be|will probably be|will likely be} {taking|getting|using|having} {by|through|simply by|by simply} motor-boat {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} {island|isle|tropical isle|area} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} Egilka {visit the|go to the|look at the|check out the} {majestic|regal|stunning|beautiful} Philae {temple|forehead|brow|your forehead} {that was|which was|that has been|that's} {dedicated to|focused on|committed to|specialized in} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {Goddesses|Actresses} Isis. {With|Along with|Together with|Using} {final|last|ultimate|closing} {optional|optionally available|elective|recommended} {evening|night|night time|nighttime} {excursion|trip|adventure|venture} {will offer|will offer you|will give you|offer} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {sound|seem|appear|audio} {and light|and lightweight|and light-weight|and} {show|display|present|demonstrate} {at the|in the|on the|with the} {Temple|Forehead|Brow|Your forehead} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} Philae {Return to|Go back to|Come back to|Resume} {your|your own|the|your current} {ship|deliver|dispatch|vessel} {for dinner|for supper|for lunch} {free time|spare time|leisure time|sparetime} {at|from|with|in} {leisure|leisure time|discretion|amusement} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan {and|as well as|and also|along with} {overnight|immediately|right away|instantaneously} {stay|remain|keep|continue to be} {aboard|on-board|onboard|on} {the|the actual|the particular|your} cruiseDay {#|Number} {6|Six|Half a dozen|Some}: {Nile|Earth} {Cruise|Luxury cruise|Cruise trip|Vacation cruise} HolidayBefore {breakfast|breakfast every day|breakfast time|morning meal} {aboard|on-board|onboard|on} {your|your own|the|your current} {Nile|Earth} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise} {you may enjoy|get ready to enjoy|get ready to experience|you can savor} {the amazing|the astonishing|the spectacular|the astounding} {sunset|setting sun|sundown|sun} {view|look at|see|watch} {from your|out of your|from the|from a} {river|water|lake|pond} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan {with|along with|together with|using} {free time|spare time|leisure time|sparetime} {at|from|with|in} {leisure|leisure time|discretion|amusement} {in|within|inside|throughout} Aswan {and then|after which|then|and after that} {sail|cruise|breeze|travel} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} Kom Ombo {to visit|to go to|to see|to check out} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {temple|forehead|brow|your forehead} {the|the actual|the particular|your} crocodile-headed {God|Lord|The almighty|Our god} {of fertility|of love and fertility} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {creator|originator|inventor|founder} {of the world|around the globe|on the planet|worldwide} {and then|after which|then|and after that} {return to|go back to|come back to|resume} {your|your own|the|your current} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise} {vessel|charter boat|boat|charter yacht} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} {sail|cruise|breeze|travel} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} Edfu {where you|in which you|in places you|that you} {will be|is going to be|will probably be|will likely be} {transferred|moved|transmitted|shifted} {by|through|simply by|by simply} {horse|equine|mount|moose} {drawn|attracted|driven|pulled} {carriage|buggy} {to visit|to go to|to see|to check out} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {famous|well-known|renowned|popular} Edfu {temple|forehead|brow|your forehead} {also|additionally|furthermore|in addition} {know as|termed as|referred to as|called} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {temple|forehead|brow|your forehead} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} Horus & Haroeris, {the|the actual|the particular|your} falcon-headed {solar|photo voltaic|pv|solar power} {war|battle|conflict|warfare} {god|lord|the almighty|our god} {is the|may be the|will be the|could be the} {largest|biggest|greatest|most significant} {and most|and many|and a lot|and quite a few} {perfectly|completely|flawlessly|correctly} {preserved|maintained|conserved|stored} {of all the|of all of the|of all|of all the so-called} {Nile|Earth} {temples|temples or wats|wats or temples|wats}, {back to|to|returning to|time for} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {Nile|Earth} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise} {by the|through the|from the|with the} {same way|same manner|in an identical way|unique way} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} {sail|cruise|breeze|travel} {to|in order to|to be able to|for you to} Luxor {with|along with|together with|using} {lunch|lunch time|lunchtime|lunch break}, {afternoon|mid-day|morning|day} {tea|teas|green tea|herbal tea} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {dinner|supper|meal|evening meal} {aboard|on-board|onboard|on} {your|your own|the|your current} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {overnight|immediately|right away|instantaneously} stayDay {#|Number} {7|Seven|Several|6}: {Nile|Earth} {Cruise|Luxury cruise|Cruise trip|Vacation cruise} HolidayBreakfast {onboard|on-ship|on board|on the deck of} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {Nile|Earth} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise}, {and then you|and you|and you then|then you} {will be|is going to be|will probably be|will likely be} {moved|relocated|transferred|shifted} {into the|in to the|to the|in the} {West|Western|Western side|Gulf} {Bank|Financial institution|Lender|Standard bank} {of the|from the|with the|in the} {river|water|lake|pond} {Nile|Earth} {to visit|to go to|to see|to check out} {the two|the 2|both|both the} {colossal|huge|large|enormous} {statues|figurines|sculptures|art forms} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} Amenhotep {III|3|Three} (Colossi {of|associated with|regarding|involving} Memnon), {and then|after which|then|and after that} {visit the|go to the|look at the|check out the} {Valley|Area|Pit|Vly} {of the|from the|with the|in the} {Kings|Nobleman|Leaders|Noblemen}, {where the|in which the|the location where the|the place that the} {magnificent|wonderful|spectacular|impressive} tombs {discovered|found|identified|found out}, {those|individuals|these|people} tombs {were|had been|have been|ended up} {carved|created|designed|etched} {deep|heavy|strong|serious} {into the|in to the|to the|in the} {desert|leave|wasteland|wilderness} {rock|rock and roll|stone|good ole'}, {richly|highly|abundantly|thoroughly} {decorated|embellished|adorned|furnished} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {filled with|full of|filled up with|stuffed with} {treasures|items|gifts|pieces} {for the|for that|for your|to the} afterlife {of the|from the|with the|in the} pharaohs, {you will|you'll|you may|you are going to} {visit|go to|check out|pay a visit to} {3|Three|Several|Three or more} tombs. {Continue|Carry on|Proceed|Keep on} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {tour|visit|excursion|trip} {to visit|to go to|to see|to check out} {the|the actual|the particular|your} Hatshipsut {temple|forehead|brow|your forehead} {at|from|with|in} El Deir El Bahary, {this|this particular|this kind of|this specific} {impressive|remarkable|amazing|extraordinary} {temple|forehead|brow|your forehead} {dedicated to|focused on|committed to|specialized in} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {Queen|Full|California king|King} Hatshipsut {the only|the only real|the sole|the one} {female|feminine|woman|women} pharaoh {rises|increases|goes up|soars} {out of the|from the|out from the|out of your} {desert|leave|wasteland|wilderness} {plain|basic|simple|ordinary} {in a|inside a|in the|within a} {series of|number of|group of|compilation of} {terraces|balconies} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {merges|combines} {with the|using the|with all the|while using} {sheer|pure|utter|absolute} limestone {cliffs|coves|clfs} {that|which|in which|that will} {surround|encompass|encircle|are around} {it then|after that it|then it} {back to|to|returning to|time for} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise} {for lunch|for supper}, {afternoon|mid-day|morning|day} {tea|teas|green tea|herbal tea} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {dinner|supper|meal|evening meal} {aboard|on-board|onboard|on} {your|your own|the|your current} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise} {and|as well as|and also|along with} {overnight|immediately|right away|instantaneously} {stay|remain|keep|continue to be} {Tonight|This evening|Today|Tonite}, {if you wish|if you want|should you desire|if you would like}, {enjoy|appreciate|take pleasure in|get pleasure from} {an|a good|a great|the} {optional|optionally available|elective|recommended} {sound|seem|appear|audio} {and light|and lightweight|and light-weight|and} {show|display|present|demonstrate} {at the|in the|on the|with the} {Temple|Forehead|Brow|Your forehead} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} KarnakDay {#|Number} {8|Eight|8-10|7}: {Nile|Earth} {Cruise|Luxury cruise|Cruise trip|Vacation cruise} {/|Or|And|Per} Sharm El SheikhBreakfast {onboard|on-ship|on board|on the deck of} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {cruise|luxury cruise|cruise trip|vacation cruise}, {and then you|and you|and you then|then you} {will|may|will certainly|can} {accompanied by|combined with|associated with|together with} {our|the|our own|each of our} {English|British|Language|Uk} Egyptologist {expert|professional|specialist|skilled} {guide to|help guide to|self-help guide to|help guide} {visit|go to|check out|pay a visit to} Karnak {Temple|Forehead|Brow|Your forehead}, {the largest|the biggest|the greatest|the most important} {place of|host to|location of} {worship|praise} {ever|actually|at any time|ever before} {built|constructed|created|developed}. {Its|It's|The|Their} {ancient|historic|historical|old} {name|title|identify|brand} Ipet-isut {means|indicates|signifies|implies} {the most|probably the most|one of the most|essentially the most} {sacred|holy|almost holy|revered} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} {places|locations|areas|spots}. {The|The actual|The particular|Your} {temple|forehead|brow|your forehead}, {or|or even|or perhaps|as well as}, {more|much more|a lot more|far more} {correctly|properly|appropriately|effectively}, {the|the actual|the particular|your} {complex|complicated|intricate|sophisticated} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} {temples|temples or wats|wats or temples|wats}, {was|had been|has been|ended up being} {built|constructed|created|developed} {over|more than|above|around} {more than|a lot more than|greater than|over} {two thousand|2000|2,000|the year 2000} {years|many years|a long time|decades} {by|through|simply by|by simply} {generation|era|technology|age group} {after|following|right after|soon after} {generation|era|technology|age group} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} pharaohs. {Within the|Inside the|Inside|From the} {complex|complicated|intricate|sophisticated}, {the great|the truly amazing|the fantastic|the truly great} Hypostyle {Hall|Corridor|Hallway|Area} {is an|is definitely an|is surely an|can be an} {incredible|amazing|extraordinary|outstanding} {forest|woodland|natrual enviroment|do} {of|associated with|regarding|involving} {giant|large|huge|massive} {pillars|support beams} .{Then you will be|You will then be|You will subsequently be} {transferred to|used in|moved to|utilized in} {the|the actual|the particular|your} {majestic|regal|stunning|beautiful} Luxor {temple|forehead|brow|your forehead} {which|that|which usually|which in turn} {built|constructed|created|developed} {by|through|simply by|by simply} Amenhotep 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